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Rainbow Mosho was born in Athens, Greece in 2008. She was developing like any other child until at 30 months, she had a massive regression and autism became a part of her life. Between the ages of 3 and 8 years old, she was not able to fully verbalize. Dyslexia also challenged her. Rainbow persevered, was tutored and learned to read between 2016-2017 at almost 9 years of age.

She can now fully verbalize what she feels and experiences and uses her art as another form of expression. Color plays an important role in her art, and every color she uses has an emotion or meaning attached to it. Orange means silly. Yellow means happiness. Green means fear. Turquoise means calm and light blue means glad. Dark blue means sadness. Purple means courage. Pink means love and pinkish-red means peace.

Rainbow paints and draws with acrylic markers. She also loves to create digital art on her iPad using her finger.

Her art has been exhibited in Nashville and Memphis Tennessee and Japan. 
In 2020, she created the COVID-19 Art Series to express the discovery of life and death, handling PTSD, greater meaning of family, and deep wisdom for a 12-year old with autism.
Rainbow won Third Prize in the Fly Your Flag Contest, organized by Kidizenship.
She volunteers and donates to Unique Sweets - job training program for adults with autism in Chicago.

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