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As a start-up, learning the ins and outs of being a KidEntrepreneur, I learn that choice is power!
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I am Rainbow Mosho. I am 12 years old.

I am an artist. I have autism. I am the co-author and illustrator of the book

What I Gained and Lost During COVID19

Yes, we children have gained and lost a lot during these times. I have learned to appreciate all of it, even if it is incredibly challenging and sad.

My book fills an existing void – first person stories, real life, from the perspective of a person with a hidden disability.  Yes, it is a book filled with hope and the reminder that when we are surrounded by love, we can overcome anything. I created every single illustration and each one has a story – yes, a story that many of us can relate to and reaffirm our humanity.

I can only do all of this thanks to my mom and and dad – including the care of family members and a community of support that believes in me.

I want to self-publish because I choose power. I choose being the decision maker. I choose the methods to grow my creation.

Yadira, Rainbow’s mom emphasizes the development of the artistic talent in Thomais by publishing books, seeking licensing agreements, gallery exhibits and selling merchandise.
She has made sure Thomais learns, since she was 10 years old, about entrepreneurship opportunities and responsibilities.
Yadira says: “If I, the parent, do not emphasize quality of life, while learning from the difficulties we all face in life, my daughter will remain in an unrealistic bubble without skills.”

  • Thomais and her mom Yadira moved to TN from FL last August 2018 seeking academic progress and new opportunities.

Yadira says, “I am here because autism drives our day. I believe in seeking quality of life even with the challenges we face.”

Yadira is a firm believer in building community and has lived in 6 countries, traveled to another 27. She has a Master of Arts degree, speaks 4 languages, and has worked in more than 5 industries.

– Thomais and Yadira participated in the United Nations Autism Observance event promoting “Empowering Girls/Women with Autism”.

– Both are working on publishing the 2 books they have co-written – Balloons and What I Gained and Lost During Covid19.

– Rainbow won 3rd Prize in the Fly Your Flag contest – organized by Kidizenship

– Rainbow’s art has been exhibited in TN and Japan.

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