Glamour Girls

Posted on May 10, 2021
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Glamour Girls: A Traveling Makeup Artist
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  Hi! I’m Selah!

My business is Glamour Girls. I’m a traveling makeup artist and know how to do it well. I help girls feel beautiful and glam them up!

I transform girls and ladies for their events and help them feel special. I travel to people’s houses and do their makeup for special events. By using our services, the client saves time and money. I believe that the best part of being a kidpreneur is making the money and doing what I love (makeup) because I enjoy it and have fun.

Why crowdfunding?

I need to crowdfund to purchase raw materials and to update my branding. Donations will go to purchasing diverse makeup that complements all skin tones. I need to buy new makeup, get business cards, and get custom merchandise such as a shirt with my logo.

What’s in the future for Glamour Girls?

A lot of smiles from happy customers. Also I expect to grow in my skills as well as my clients.


I am a local business and am offering discounts to donors near me. Also, donors can feel confident that their donations are going to a great business that is doing wonderful things.

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