Posted on July 7, 2021
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iDentistry is an AI-powered app for smartphones that promotes dental hygiene through self-diagnosis, customized treatment options and hygiene tips, appointment reminders, and a dentist finder.
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Innumerable factors come into play when considering the low dentist accessibility and visit rates across the country. As more people continue to skip out on their recommended semi-annual dental checkups each year, people find that their symptoms go unnoticed until they progress into life-threatening, but once preventable conditions, such as oral cancers, systemic infections, and heart diseases. Despite this unnoted crisis, no easy way exists to self-diagnose and communicate with dentists in a comfortable, fast, and at-your-fingertips manner. Having experienced the repercussions of forgoing dental care first-hand, one of the co-founders of our company was inspired to devise a solution that caters to the fears and reservations patients feel when faced with the question of going to the dentist. When she was younger, the founder went through many struggles after having lost large portions of her front teeth from falling from a height of five feet. Her problem was ignored for months before visiting the dentist whereby irreparable damage was already done to her gums from unnoticed swelling and infection. If she and many others around the nation prioritized their dental needs, their stories would have been much different. Both co-founders, influenced by this event, decided to create a product that would revolutionize patient care in dentistry by empowering patients to take oral health seriously through a personal AI-powered diagnostic feature for preliminary diagnoses.

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