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Posted on November 23, 2020
$10 raised
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Londonade's Supplies and Holiday Drive
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Londonade™️ is made by me, London J. Miller. I got my start in entrepreneurship at the age of 7 selling homemade floral soap arrangements. 1 year later, Londonade was born.  My biggest motivation to continue being a young entrepreneur was to raise money for less resourced kids.

Beyond being Londonade‘s CEO challenges, I struggled with ADHD challenges of my own and wanted to share my experience by first being that Motivation that inspired others. Adding to my Gourmet Londonade, I introduced Motivated 2 Inspire lanyards and wristbands. Realizing that some people who didn’t get to speak with me often, wasn’t aware of what M2I meant to me so I decided to write and publish a motivational storybook. 

Edans World: the Start of Something New which has inspired shirts and bracelets to help promote the message.  

Rewards for donators:

Supporter $10: Thanks for your support and believing in my dreams. You will receive a Londonade Motivated 2 Inspire wristband!

Promoter $25: You are making dreams come true and for your support, you will receive a Londonade Motivated 2 Inspire Lanyard!

Londonader $50: You are an important part of my journey and I thank you for your full support of becoming a Londonader and I want to thank you by sending you a Motivated 2 Inspire Lanyard and wristband!

Just to go over some things needed to help grow my business:

New bottles $250

Labels $100

LLC $100

preorder books $400

Rack cards $100

donations are also welcomed for charity drive for all holidays

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