Posted on May 10, 2021
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Teensstarter sells courses on all kinds of things
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  Hi! I’m Blake!

I started my business after making over $2000 in one summer detailing cars, and I knew so many others that I could share my knowledge with, and plenty of things included that were difficult for me to do on my own.

What is Teensstarter?

Teensstarter sells courses on all kinds of things such as DJing, car detailing, and other things to help teens raise money for college, their future, etc.

Why did you start Teensstarter?

My business gives teens a consistent way to make money online or through their community that guarantees you gen your money back really soon after buying the course.

Why Crowdfund?

There are two main reasons for crowdfunding; One is that I want to be able to have advertisement to get the word out to more people, and the second is to be able to pay certain people in the future to make engaging courses.

What’s the best part of being a teenpreneur?

The best part of being a teenpreneur is being able to share and do what you want, without restrictions. I’m an independent guy, and being a young entrepreneur opened so many doors rather than close them.

What’s in the future for Teensstarter?

Lots and lots more courses, and eventually a way for people to add their own to the site.


For every donation over $80, donators will get the first course to be added about car detailing for free. (value $50).

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