Promoting Your Campaign

Promoting your campaign will be key in getting the word out about your new business venture. Gaining traction and publicity toward your campaign will increase interest and potential for donations.

Promoting your campaign can happen in many different ways. In order to expand your reach and increase your chances of making your goal, try a variety of these options. (Tip: always check with a parent or legal guardian before engaging in any of these promotional activities).

  1. Talk to friends and family.
  2. Share on social media
  3. share with local youth groups, athletic coaches, or church
  4. Ask your principal if he or she would share your business in the school’s weekly newsletter or on the morning announcements
  5. Talk to your local newspaper, radio or tv station. For help with talking to local news outlets, read this.
  6. Set up a flyer at the local library

You are going to want to share your idea with anyone willing to listen to your pitch. Think about who your ideal customer is and where they hang out. Make sure to promote in areas where your ideal customers will see your promotional materials. This will pique their interest and increase donations.

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