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  • Crowdfund
    Kid Everest is the WORLD'S FIRST crowdfunding platform safe for kids! We believe that every kid has creative ideas and a unique point of view. We want to share these ideas with the world and help them raise the funds necessary for their business!
  • Empower
    Kid Everest was made for kids, by kids. We teach kids how to be the best version of themselves through mentoring and education.
  • Educate
    Kid Everest believes that education is important! We offer educational materials to entrepreneurs, parents, and teachers. We want our young CEOs to be best set up for success!

What we're up to

  • Finding Balance: tips for Teenpreneurs

    We were recently asked how we get it all done. How we balance friends, family, sports, school, business and life. And the truth is, we don’t. We simply can’t get everything done that we want to. We cannot write all of the content we want, make all the graphics we need, or help as much […]

  • Benefits of ACTION

    ACTION is vital in a business Without it, a business is paralyzed and cannot be successful. No matter the amount of preparation and planning will result in a successful business if it is not for action. ACTION is the movement, breath, and life of a production and a business. ACTION is required, otherwise, ideas, concepts, […]

  • How to Make an Action Plan

    Taking action is important. But how? What steps should you take? How can you be sure that your steps are leading you in the right direction? The truth is, you can’t always be positive that your steps will lead yield that results that you want, but you can TRY. You can come up with a […]

  • What is a SMART goal?

    Having a goal is the start of any business. Do you want to start a sticker shop? Sell t-shirts? Or lemonade? Setting a goal is the hallmark of knowing what you want and obtaining what you want. It’s a way to lay out what you want to accomplish in term that are clear, concise, and […]

  • How to Take ACTION

    Taking action will always be what separates successful business people from the dreamers. It is also one of the hardest parts in business. It requires you be vulnerable and put yourself out there. You will have to put in the hard work, and you may not see a large return in terms of your effort. […]

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  • For Parents
    Kidpreneurs need your support, advice and encouragement! Get ideas for encouraging your budding kidpreneur.
  • For Kidpreneurs
    Ready to show the world all the amazing things kids can do? Get tips for starting on the right foot and running a successful campaign.
  • For Teachers
    Wanting to teach entrepreneurship in your classrrom?Resources you need to help your student entrepreneurs reach their dreams.
Kid Everest is the WORLD'S FIRST crowdfunding platform safe for kids!

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