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  • Crowdfund
    Kid Everest is the WORLD'S FIRST crowdfunding platform safe for kids! We believe that every kid has creative ideas and a unique point of view. We want to share these ideas with the world and help them raise the funds necessary for their business!
  • Empower
    Kid Everest was made for kids, by kids. We teach kids how to be the best version of themselves through mentoring and education.
  • Educate
    Kid Everest believes that education is important! We offer educational materials to entrepreneurs, parents, and teachers. We want our young CEOs to be best set up for success!

What we're up to

  • Starting a Campaign

    Ready to start your campaign? Need it laid out step-by-step? Well we have you covered! Here is the everything you need to know to get it done! Click below to get started! Starting a Campaign step-by-step Tweet

  • How to Deliver a Pitch

    Most business owners know that power of the pitch. Although, understanding your business, brand, and the problem your business fixes, is important, it is not the biggest indicator of a successful pitch. A successful pitch needs a proper DELIVERY. Knowing your facts, figures, and business plan does not mean anything without a cohesive way to […]

  • Basic Business Terms

    Let’s talk business! One of the first steps in starting a business is learning some key basic business terms. Here we have listed the top 20 definitions that every budding business owner should know. Angel Investor: is someone who helps a start up by providing seed money for their business. This usually comes with the […]

  • How to Become an Entrepreneur

    Becoming an entrepreneur and being your own boss is awesome, but definitely not as easy as it seems. There are steps that can help you along in the process. Here are our 6 quick steps for becoming an entrepreneur. 1. Learn the basics There are so many business terms, concepts and ideas that professionals spend […]

  • What is a Second Chance Campaign?

    A second chance campaign is just what it sounds like. It’s a second chance for your campaign to be successful. We know your idea and your business is amazing and innovative. We know that you are motivated and so are we. So we have introduced the Second Chance Campaign as a way to give your […]

Ready to Get Started?

  • For Parents
    Kidpreneurs need your support, advice and encouragement! Get ideas for encouraging your budding kidpreneur.
  • For Kidpreneurs
    Ready to show the world all the amazing things kids can do? Get tips for starting on the right foot and running a successful campaign.
  • For Teachers
    Wanting to teach entrepreneurship in your classrrom?Resources you need to help your student entrepreneurs reach their dreams.
Kid Everest is the WORLD'S FIRST crowdfunding platform safe for kids!

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