Kid Everest recognizes the importance of teachers in fueling a growth mind set for students. Teaching students life skills such as money management, task analysis, and business planning are invaluable for students growing up today. Here’s how you can get your classroom started.

Quick Start Guide:

We have developed a quick start guide for teachers to get their students up and running as soon as possible. It includes step-by-step instructions for taking your classroom on the journey towards entrepreneurship.

Gain Inspiration:

Want to best help your budding entrepreneurs? Read our blog designed just for mentors like you! Full of tips on encouraging young entrepreneurs, it’s sure to get you (and your students) ready for the journey.


The internet can be a scary place for kids. Safety is always on our mind here at Kid Everest. Learning how to navigate the web safely is a life skill. For tips and resources for keeping kids safe online, please check out our safety page.