About Us

We were asked to create an idea that would change the world. That was the beginning of Kid Everest. Kid Everest is the WORLD’S FIRST crowdfunding platform safe for kidpreneurs. We want everyone to have a chance to make their dreams a reality.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.


Not everyone can afford to start a lemonade stand or slime business. Even less will be able to start developing that app or video game they have been dreaming of. We recognize how hard it is for kids to have a voice. And we are destined to change that.

Our Why

Kid Everest was built because we are just like you! We were tired of asking our parents for money to start up our business dreams. We’ve had blogs, lemonade stands, slime sales, and even a homemade soap business.

But it couldn’t have been done without the begging and pleading to our family to start us up. We are lucky to have such support from those around us, but we also acknowledge that not every child has this advantage. This is where Kid Everest can help!

We believe that every child deserves a chance to start their business dreams.

Raising start-up funds for even the smallest business is tough. Begging and pleading parents, family or friends is NOT what we are about. We are about showing the world all of the AMAZING things kids can do. We developed Kid Everest as a safe place for children through age 18 to create campaigns geared toward getting their start-ups off the ground. To share with the world your unbridled creations and help fund your budding business.

Together, we can prove that,

when given a chance,

kids can change the world.