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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We know you have questions! We welcome everyone, new and experienced! If you don’t see your answer here, contact us at .

Get Started: How does KidEverest work?

I’m new to crowdfunding, where do I start?

Crowdfunding on KidEverest is as easy as 5 steps:

  1. Create your personalized page in less than 3 minutes
  2. Connect your bank account so you can get paid
  3. Promote your page via our built-in email or social media
  4. Collect donations.
  5. Start your amazing business!

Why would people donate to me?

Because kids are awesome!

Crowdfunding is designed for you to reach out to your community, friends, and family and supporters. Kidpreneurs are an untapped market full of potential. Kids just like you have a limitless creativity that needs to be shared!

KidEverest allows you to use your creative and imaginative mind to develop an invention or business to your unique strengths. Jobs for budding entrepreneurs are lacking. KidEverest allows for you to raise the start up money for your future invention, prototype or business!

With KidEverest, you can easily solicit donors, manage thank-you gifts, and allow donors to upload sponsorship images to your fundraising page. Donors are motivated by a personal connection to you and your story (as told by you on your page and your optional video), and may appreciate thank-you gifts or the ability to show their sponsorship on your fundraiser page.

Every fundraiser on KidEverest can create custom donation levels (e.g. angel, benefactor, patron) and indicate whether there are thank-you rewards or a sponsor image. These can then be checked off for fulfillment at the end of the donation.

Pricing & Billing

How much does KidEverest cost?

KidEverest is free to register for all users. KidEverest has the lowest fees in the crowdfunding game at only 4.9% of donations raised plus processing fees. These fees in total are approximately 10%.

Crowdfunding Fees Compared by Website

Fees KidEverest GoFundMe KickStarter
Sign up $0 $0 $0
Platform 4.9% 5.0% 5.0%
Donor 0% 0% 0%
Processor 2.9%+$0.30p/gift 2.9%+$0.30p/gift 3.0%+$0.30p/gift
Total 7.8%+$0.30p/gift 7.9%+$0.30p/gift 8.0%+$0.30p/gift


How do I get paid?

We require you to setup your bank (or Stripe) account before launching your fundraiser so that any donations are placed into an account specific to you. You will need to verify your identity for both fraud protection and for compliance with the Patriot Act. Online donations typically take 2-3 business days to clear before they are available for you to get paid out.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Kid Everest is dedicated to not only keeping you safe as a kidpreneur, but your investors money as well. All donations at this time are through Paypal, a safe and secure third party network. Kid Everest does not have access to your passwords nor banking information at any time.

Can I manage my own donations and payments?

Yes! Of course you can! You can track and download real-time donation reports from your fundraiser admin panel, as well as thanking specific donors for their support on multiple fundraisers over time and manage your payouts to your bank account.

When do I get paid?

Your funds are automatically deposited to your bank account 3-5 business days after the end of your fundraiser to allow your donations to clear credit card processing.

Can I get paid sooner?

Unfortunately, at this time, you will have to wait until the end of your fundraiser. KidEverest is an all-or-nothing funding model. That means that your project will be fully funded before you will be released all monetary assets. This is to ensure that donations have been cleared through the appropriate processors and so ensure that you have enough money to get your project off the ground!

Can I get my donations deposited into an organization or business bank account?

Yes, but you would still have to provide individual identification to verify your identity as a representative of that account for fraud and compliance reasons. You do not necessarily need to be an official representative of that business account.

Can I get my donations deposited into an organization or business bank account? What type of tax documentation might I receive?

We do not send out tax documentation but our payment processor is required to send out a 1099-K to report transactions. For individuals, these are typically not reported as income if they are a gift. For organizations, you would utilize this information to report donations. For more information about the 1099-K, please visit the IRS Website


Is KidEverest safe for children and students?

KidEverest is COPPA-compliant so safe for schools and after-school programs, including those under 13 (who require parental permission). We request parental permission for any users under 13 and all fundraisers require a bank account before being publicly visible.

What makes KidEverest so easy to use?

We’ve designed KidEverest to make crowdfunding easy for everyone. We make team fundraising particularly easy, but you’re welcome to raise funds as an individual. We focus on the most important aspects of fundraising, with clear help, and include everything you need from emailing prospective donors to tracking gift fulfillment.

What does my KidEverest account include?

  1. Personalized page for your invention, project, or business.
  2. Built-in email and promotions tracking
  3. Dashboard to manage multiple fundraisers
  4. Team leader (AKA parent, guardian or teacher with permission) with centralized admin: manage team members, announcements and updates, and donations
  5. Centralized payment: lump sum to be deposited into a single bank account upon 100% fulfillment.

Fundraiser Management

How do I change the deadline for the end of my fundraiser or end my fundraiser early?

You can always edit your fundraiser’s deadline but only within 3 days of the current day. We don’t advise you to make your deadline shorter as it takes time to raise funds and many donors may have been waiting closer to the end of the fundraiser to make their donation. We also setup reminders for all team members in the last week.

You can’t change the fundraiser to end earlier than 3 days from the current date but if you need to immediately stop accepting donations for any reason, you have the ability to suspend it immediately.

As always, if something comes up and you have a problem with your account, contact us at

I’m raising money for a nonprofit. Do my donors receive tax forms?

We do not send out official letters on your behalf. All donors receive receipts that could be used to inform them when they file taxes and as a receipt for a charitable donation. If you provide nonprofit information in the Nonprofit tab of your fundraiser, we will include the following language in automatic thank you emails that also indicate the amount of the donation:

This receipt confirms that you have made a donation in the amount of $X to [Nonprofit Organization] with a tax-exempt EIN: [EIN #]

About KidEverest

Who are you?

We are a group of pre-teen sisters on a mission. With the help of our mom, we are dedicated to help start young entrepreneurs on their way to their dream. KidEverest is a platform to assist budding entrepreneurs to raise the start-up money they need for their invention, prototype, or new business.

We were originally founded in 2018. We’re mission-driven entrepreneurs based in the U.S.. We have started many of our own businesses from selling lemonade on the side of the road to slinging slime at school. We have even sold leftover Halloween candy, (just don’t tell our principal…). After learning how to make soap in science class last year, we have also opened up our own soap business and are starting to sell to local boutiques.

But, this couldn’t have happened on our own. We needed start-up cash even for our lemonade stand. Luckily, our parents, friends and family believe in our dreams and adventures and have helped us out tremendously in starting up these businesses. We would not have been able to fulfill these dreams without them. We also know that not everyone has parents, friends or family to help them start these wild entrepreneur dreams. KidEverest is going to change that. It is the first website of its kind designed just for kidpreneurs such as yourself. Nothing can stop you!

Do you have a press kit?

Sure! You can contact us at and we’ll set you up. Easy peasy!

Have you had any press coverage?

Yes! We were just recently in our local newspaper and are active in our community. We are also very active on social media! Please check us out on Facebook or Instagram!

We’re excited about our new platform and will be promoting both KidEverest and more importantly, your fundraisers!

I’m interested in supporting or sponsoring fundraisers, creating a partnership with KidEverest, or collaborating with your parent company KidEverest LLC.

That’s great! You can reach us at and we’re happy to discuss potential opportunities!