Benefits of ACTION

ACTION is vital in a business Without it, a business is paralyzed and cannot be successful. No matter the amount of preparation and planning will result in a successful business if it is not for action. ACTION is the movement, breath, and life of a production and a business. ACTION is required, otherwise, ideas, concepts, and innovations are confined to your own head. Without ACTION, the world may never experience all of the incredible things you are capable of.

Here are some benefits of ACTION:

  1. Avoid procrastination

  2. Starts momentum

  3. Puts your dreams into the universe

  4. Gets you out of your comfort zone

  5. Create habits for success

Let’s break these down 1 by 1.

Avoid Procrastination:

Procrastination is the act of putting off starting, continuing, or completing tasks that are required for you to move forward in your business. At times, it may feel easy to just allow things to happen in your business, but this is not the way to become successful. You must work ACTIVELY on your business. By working actively towards your goals, you are setting yourself up for success and you will avoid any procrastination. Action is the anti-procrastination. When you are taking action, you cannot procrastinate. These actions go against each other. When you are engaging in one, you cannot be engaging in the other. So, as long as you are taking action, you are not procrastinating.

Starts momentum:

ACTION starts everything into motion. Once started, it’s easy to continue to keep going. It gains momentum. Like a snowball going down a hill, even the smallest step creates momentum to keep going. “An object in motion continues to stay in motion…” this is not only true about energy, but also in business. Once an initial step is taken, you are more likely to continue taken steps forward.

Puts your dreams into the universe:

Have you ever heard of “putting something out into the universe?” It’s kind of like whispering your dreams to the world. Putting these dreams and desires into the universe is the first step in making them real. It’s admitting to yourself that this is really what you want and really want to happen.

Gets you out of your comfort zone:

That tiny whisper into the universe can open doors that you were probably scared to do. George Addair once said, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.” Putting your ideas out there into the world can be a scary and intimidating place. But nothing good ever came to someone who sat in their comfort zone. ACTION requires COURAGE, and great things happen when COURAGE and ACTION combine.

Create habits for success:

Learning to take action and not be afraid of it will create future habits that are likely to result in you becoming successful in life. Some of these habits are time management, task analysis, confidence, self-esteem, flexibility, and adaptability. These are life skills that will help you in business as well as every aspect of life.

Taking ACTION is one of the most undeniable forces for success.

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