Being Part of a Community

Kid Everest means a lot to us. It’s not “just a business.” To us, it is a way for kids of all ages to have a voice in the world around them. We believe that kids have an untapped potential just waiting to be heard. That is why being part of a community is important to us. Here are a few things that each of us can do to keep the Kid Everest community a great one.

  1. BE THOUGHTFUL: Please do not bombard anyone with spam-materials. This includes sending links, unsolicited emails, or repeated messaging. The commenting forums on Kid Everest are for encouragement. Please keep it that way.
  2. BE COURTEOUS: Be kind and genuine in your interactions. If you leave a message for the project creator, please be positive and mindful . If you are sharing a project on social media, please be aware of your audience and use kind and caring words. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please do not say anything at all.
  3. HELP OUT: Kid Everest is a safe place for kids and teens. We do not tolerate malicious behavior. If you see anything out of the ordinary or if something seems off, please report it to us at

With your help, our community will remain great!