Keeping Kids Safe Online

Keeping our users safe is a priority. We strive to create a community where everyone of all ages is respected and protected. We have employed a variety of safety policies and procedures to keep you and your child safe.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy was written to keep your personal information, well, personal. We only collect information that is critical to running a campaign, sending, or receiving funds. User accounts are constantly monitored, and access is restricted depending on age.

Terms and Conditions

We believe in being as transparent as possible. We strive to be upfront and forthright when it comes to how we run Kid Everest. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for questions about use of the website.

COPPA Compliance:

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires us to conduct our website in a certain way that keeps children’s personal information safe. Please review our COPPA Compliance page for more info on how Kid Everest complies with COPPA.


For more specific tips about keeping kids safe online, please refer to this page.

Other Resources:

Although we strive to be experts on online safety and create a community of acceptance, tolerance, and honesty, it is important that children (and parents) understand how to be good digital citizens. The following are some ins that can help keep you safe online.


FTC Children’s Privacy

Common Sense Media

Remember, Kid Everest is a community that thrives on the help from everyone. If you see or read something that seems strange or suspicious, please contact us immediately at