Quick Start Guide for Parents

So your kid wants to be their own boss? Nice! Did you know that kidpreneurs have higher self-esteem, better time management skills and are more likely to go to college than their peers?

Not sure how to help? Follow these steps:

1. Read:

Learn more about kidpreneurs and how to best support your child at our blog just for parents and mentors. Read up here.

2. Learn and Talk:

Read up on Kid Everest and the rules of the site. Talk to your child about their responsibilities and how to be safe online.

3. Sign Permissions:

Any child under 13 will require a signed permission slip for their child to be able to use the Kid Everest site. You can find the permission slip here.

4. Follow This:

The Creator’s Guide is meant to take you step-by-step through all of the aspects one would need to create a profitable Kid Everest campaign.


Need more help, or have any questions? Contact us at hello@kideverest.com