Setting a Campaign Schedule

Having a timeline for your campaign is crucial. You will need to set a schedule for how long you want to be raising money for. The most successful campaigns are about 30-days. This timeline should be long enough to gain interest and raise appropriate funding, without being so long that your backers get bored. The 30-day time frame is a guideline however. Here is a quick resource to check how long your campaign should run based on how much money you are trying to raise:

Funding Goal (US $) Campaign Timeline (days)
$50-100 14
$101-1,000 14-30
$1,001-$5,000 30-45
$5,001 and up 45-60

Being clear and specific will help you with determining your campaign timeline. Remember, your campaign timeline is how long it will take to meet your funding goals, NOT how long it will take you to create your invention or start your business.

For help with breaking down large tasks and creating a schedule for your business, check out this post. Break Down Large Tasks in 4 Easy Steps.