7 Ways to Encourage a Growth Mindset

Being a kidpreneur is tough work. It takes an internal drive and stamina that can be difficult for a child to maintain. Your kidpreneur will require you to help them with their journey towards entrepreneurship. Having a growth mindset will help them endure during the hard times. It’s a frame of mind that will allow them to see that things can be tough, but they are not impossible.

Here are a few ways to foster your kidpreneur’s growth mindset.

Use Strengths

Your child likely has natural strengths or things that that they tend to gravitate toward. Encouraging them to use these strengths as a starting block. This is an easy segue to flowing entrepreneurial ideas. When a child gets to use their strengths, they have an increased sense of competency, self-esteem and awareness.

Acknowledge weaknesses

Weaknesses. Everyone has them, not everyone talks about them. But it is important to recognize and acknowledge your weaknesses. Once your weaknesses are identified, you can learn strategies to lessen their impact. You cannot work one something that you refuse to examine.

Help your kidpreneur by allowing them to identify their own weaknesses and how they can lessen their impact. Offer your own insights about your weaknesses and how you have worked on them. It is possible to make your weaknesses into strengths, but you must first start with acknowledging them.

Offer Opportunities

Whenever possible, offer your kidpreneur situations where they can be successful. This does not mean doing everything for your kidpreneur. It means offering them the ability to be successful by discussing with them options and opportunities that would foster successful situations.

Find the place that give your child the greatest chance to be in their flow.

For example, if your child is a great artist, you would help them find places where that ability could shine. Helping them access local galleries, other artists, or find a community where they could share their work with the greatest amount of people. As the trusted adult in their life, it will be your responsibility to help your kidpreneur find safe opportunities to share their work with the world.

Encourage appropriate risk taking

Becoming an entrepreneur is scary. It will require that your kidpreneur stretch out of their comfort zone in order to share their ideas with the world. For you, it will be important that you help them navigate these new worlds with optimism and excitement. You can help them reach for their goals by encourage them to take small risks. Good things are un the horizon of the unknown. Hold their hand as they go.

Allow for failures

With risk taking comes the chance for “FAILURE.” Every one of us experiences our version of failure at some point in our lives. We have accepted it, learned from it, and grown from it. You have the opportunity to teach your kidpreneur the value of not getting something right the first time. It offers chances to look deeper, change, and adapt. Avoid letting your kidpreneur give up in the face of a failure. Instead, have them investigate what went wrong, and how it can go better next time.

Growth as a celebration

Every step that your kidprener takes in this journey is the right one. Each step they take will evolve their character. They will learn new things about themselves as they go along. What may have started as one idea, could have morphed into another. And that’s okay. Celebrate all steps, even failures as they help your kidpreneur grow and accept challenges as part of the process.

Your kidpreneur will invariably need a growth mindset in the world of entrepreneurship. Knowing how you can help and encourage these skills will prove invaluable to your child.

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