Benefits of Being a Kidpreneur

The idea of raising a kidpreneur can be scary. Many parents believe that they are offering a false hope to their children if they promote a entrepreneur lifestyle. They may worry that their children will idolize high school dropouts and live in a delusion that they too, can be the next Zuckerberg.

This is probably an old school way of thinking. For many parents, we were raised to believe that entrepreneurs were losers that failed out of school and only the top of the bunch made it big. And although many famous entrepreneurs have dropped out of school, it wasn’t for the reason you may think.

Entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Michael Dell may have left school in order to PURSUE their dreams. They saw traditional schooling as a hindrance to what they wanted to accomplish. Dropping out allowed them the time, energy and dedication to a life-affirming dream that the might not otherwise been able to reach.

Now, I don’t suggest letting your budding kidpreneur ditch elementary school, but I DO want you to be able to see the value in entrepreneurship.

Here are 10 benefits of raising a kidpreneur.


It’s no doubt that being a kidpreneur is tough work. Your budding entrepreneur is likely to learn how to lead and persuade others along the way. This will come naturally as they share their business with others.

Spark Creativity

Your kidpreneur probably has a million wonderful ideas floating around that intelligent head of theirs. Children are perfect for becoming entrepreneurs because their creativity hasn’t been stiffed by the modern world. Kids see solutions to problems that adults didn’t even realize they had.


Because kids have so many amazing ideas going on in their brains, they have a PLETHORA of options. They don’t have to choose the first, second, or even the third idea they have. They have also been raised in the perfect era for multiple promotional options for their business plans including the large variety of social media platforms out there that they are much more well-versed in than adults.


Because of the internet, children have a much easier way to reach out quickly to others. This may be in promotions to potential customers or to reach out to potential partners or mentors. The world is within their reach in a matter of seconds, which makes their ability to reach others that much more.


Because communication in a digital age is fast and furious, your kidpreneur will learn important communication skills. Their vocabulary is likely to grow and become niched into their area of expertise. Strong verbal and written skills will grow accordingly.


Here’s an easy one for adults to jump onto. Kidpreneurs are much more responsible than their counterparts. They learn to work around obstacles and are less likely to give up when something gets in their way. This is because kidpreneurs are fighting for a cause that they are passionate about. An what parent doesn’t want their child to be more responsible?

Understanding finances

Kidpreneurs will learn quickly that if they want to make money, they must bring in more than they spend. Financial literacy is a key component in becoming a kidpreneur.


The entrepreneur lifestyle is not easy. A budding kidpreneur is likely to run into bumps along the way. They may fall several times before coming across that is successful for them. Being knocked down and having the stamina to get back up is just the resilience fostered in a kidpreneur.


I’m sure you have heard the saying, “can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Although this saying may hold for adults, children are much more likely to adapt and change course when things are not going as planned. Part of the kidpreneur life is learning what works and what doesn’t and analyzing why. Learning to change for the better is something kidpreneurs do with ease.

Life skills

Aside from all of these benefits, becoming a kidpreneur teaches life skills that your child can use FOREVER. Becoming a kidpreneur involves nearly every school discipline from the obvious math in economics, budget planning and tracking profits, to social studies in market research, location planning and finding one’s ideal customer. Science and STEM tech is involved in prototype building and invention. Self-esteem, confidence and independence thrive in a kidpreneur.

Raising a kidpreneur can be daunting especially if you are not one yourself. It can throw up red flags when you hear that your child wants to be an entrepreneur. Hopefully, this list has shown you the IMMENSE benefits of becoming a kidpreneur. But if you are still a bit nervous about letting them delve into the journey, read our post about How to Raise a Kidpreneur. This post includes details about how to encourage your child throughout their journey.

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