Zollipop CEO, Alina Morse

Zollipop CEO, Alina Morse

Zollipops Alina Morse always wanted to be a CEO. In fact, she started envisioning business ideas at the age of 3! By age 4, she had a binder filled with business plans and inventions. Some of these ideas included a kid-friendly PB and J making device and a robot parent so she could have someone to […]

Start a Lemonade...

The lemonade stand seems to be the quintessential beginnings for most kidpreneurs. It is a simple, straightforward and easy way to get a beginning business off the ground. Although a lemonade stand seems to be the obvious choice for a kid starting out, it requires a bit more than just some lemonade mix. Being prepared […]

What’s an Elevator Pitch?

You know you have a great idea, but now what? How can you tell people all about your amazing idea? Knowing exactly who you are and what your business does is an essential skill. Can you explain your business in 2-3 sentences? Can you talk about why your business important and unique for just 20-30 […]

Start a Campaign...

Getting started with Kid Everest is easy! Starting a business can be complicated. There are always a lot of moving parts, things to remember and things to do. When there are a lot of cogs moving, it can be difficult to get them into place. But not at Kid Everest! We’ve made it EASY! Are […]

The One Rule...

Being creative is much like a muscle. You must work it in order for it to grow. Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” We couldn’t agree more! Working out those creative muscles only helps the juices flow. But just how can we grow those […]