What is ACTION?

We have all heard the word, “Action,” in movies, tv shows, and the theatre. One word that enacts the movements of all the parts. The word that sparks the cogs to turn in an overall, bigger, production. All things lay in wait until this infamous word is spoken.

But does action mean in your business?

What is action?

Let’s first dissect the term. Oxford dictionary defines action as, “the process of doing something.” This means that you are making movements in an attempt to achieve a goal. Action is good because, as in our theatre example, all of the planning and preparation mean nothing if we do not act. No movie, tv show, or theatre production would exist without action.

And neither would ANY business.

Action is crucial in businesses. NO amount of planning, prepping, or dreaming will start a business. You must, ACT ON IT. You must take the steps to act on your dreams. Dreams are wonderful. They tap into our creative consciousness and are important, but they need action to become a goal, to become a REALITY.

Dreams require goals.

Goals require ACTION.

Goals are the plans and you have to ACT out each step for your dreams to be realized. Without these steps, your dreams is a lofty, unrealized, potential.

Those stepping stones to meet your goal and fulfill your dream is called your ACTION PLAN. Action plans are necessary for you to see how you will be able to reach that lofty goal.

Action plans require small steps, like rungs on a ladder, that systematically reach your goal. Action plans also require that you TAKE EACH STEP. As you do, each step will seem that much easier, as if as you move up the ladder, the rungs get closer and closer providing momentum and motivation to continue towards your goal. As you climb higher, you will see that it is easier to continue to the top and reach your goal rather than fall back down to the bottom.

Before you know it, you are at your goal.

And it all started with that first step. That first action.

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