What Happens When I Donate?

Crowdfunding is a new topic for some and we are frequently asked many different questions. Today we are tackling the investor question, “What happens when I donate?”

As an investor in a Kid Everest project company, you are doing a few things. You are not only donating capital to a budding kid-owned business, you are investing in the future. At the risk of sounding cliché, it’s true. When you invest in a kid-owned business you are showing these budding business owners that their ideas are valid. That their solutions are creative, inventive, and needed in the society. These young budding business owners then begin their life long journey into entrepreneurial ventures.

So, let’s talk about what happens when you donate.

1.Your credit card is not charged immediately.

I know you are probably thinking, “what?” but it’s true. Your credit card will hold the amount in a prior authorization state. It will only be debited from your account if and when the project is fully funded and the campaign has ended.

2.You validate a young entrepreneur’s dreams.

By donating to a budding entrepreneur, you are validating their idea. You are showing them that their idea is necessary and needed in society.

3.You give the creator motivation.

By donating, the young project creator sees that you have donated and that you believe in their idea. This inherently gives more motivation to an already highly motivated young entrepreneur. This makes the young entrepreneur strive to create their product and business that much more.

4.You give the young entrepreneur a confidence boost.

Nothing increases a budding business owner’s confidence than knowing that others see value in their idea.

5.You increase productivity.

When you donate to a campaign, the project creator works harder to give you the intended product. They know that others are counting on them to deliver a product and they work harder to ensure that happens.

6.You get a gift and an update!

When you donate to a campaign, your efforts are not forgotten. For every campaign you donate to, you will receive a personalized thank you gift from the project creator. This creates a sense of accountability on the behalf of our project creators and they will also send periodic updates to keep you informed on how your donation has helped them start their business.

The ways that your donations affect a young entrepreneur is exponential! You are investing in the mind of a young, motivated, business owner. You are offering positive accountability and a growth mindset to young entrepreneurs. You are investing in the potential of what these young entrepreneurs are capable of. You are giving them a chance to share their ideas with the world and open the entrepreneurial space to hear the voices of inherent creatives.


But most of all, thank you for donating!

Your donations are opening the world to unexplored potential from young entrepreneurs. By donating, you are showing the world that young business are important and deserve a voice. For that, we are humbly grateful.

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