What is a Second Chance Campaign?

A second chance campaign is just what it sounds like. It’s a second chance for your campaign to be successful. We know your idea and your business is amazing and innovative. We know that you are motivated and so are we. So we have introduced the Second Chance Campaign as a way to give your campaign another shot at being successful.

According to Fortune, 80% of ideas fail the first time. That’s a big statistic, and an important one. Many entrepreneurs acknowledge fail as part of the process. It’s ABSOLUTELY NORMAL to miss your goal. And it’s totally okay!

Here at Kid Everest, we don’t want you to be discouraged. We do not want to see you give up. You do have amazing and creative solutions to the world’s problems and we absolutely want to share those ideas with the world.

So if you fall short of your goal on your Kid Everest campaign, don’t worry. We can still help! We can help you revisit, revise, and re-launch your campaign EXACTLY where it was without losing any of the previous donations.

There are many things to think about when revising your campaign.

1. How far away from my goal am I?

If you are not far from your goal, you may be able to change your budget and lower your funding goal. This is the quickest way to get your business funded and started. Ask yourself if there are anything that you change to lower your budget. If so, send us an email to hello@kideverest.com and we can change your account to reflect the new goal.

2. Did I explain my budget?

Investors want to know EXACTLY what their money is going to. If possible. List out what you will be able to accomplish with the help of their donation.

3. Did I tell my story?

Every business and entrepreneur has a story. It’s a reason why you started a business and what is means to you. Explain your passion and why others should care about it. What problem does it solve? What kind of people will it benefit? What are your future goals? Remember, investors are investing in YOU so explain to them WHY your business is needed by others.

4. Add pictures!

If you have pictures or videos add them to your campaign. The more the better, so feel free to share your process, the materials or end product. You can also share your logos, color palettes, mood boards.

5. Reach out to your network

Think about some people in your life that you can reach out to, and tell them about your campaign. Explain to them what your campaign is for and why it is important that you raise money for your business.

6. Promote

Don’t forget to promote your campaign! Share your personal campaign link with friends, family, and your own social media audience. When you’re excited, everyone gets excited. So share and share alike and get excited! You’re on your way to starting your business!

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