Zollipop CEO, Alina Morse


Alina Morse always wanted to be a CEO. In fact, she started envisioning business ideas at the age of 3! By age 4, she had a binder filled with business plans and inventions. Some of these ideas included a kid-friendly PB and J making device and a robot parent so she could have someone to play with while her dad was at work.

The idea for her well-known product, Zollipops came to her when she was offered a sugar-ridden lollipop at her father’s bank. When her father stopped her from eating it, she began dreaming of a lollipop that would be good for her teeth. Unlike many 7-year-olds who dream of a better world, Alina decided to act upon it. Why couldn’t there be a better lollipop? Why couldn’t there be one that actually HELPS your teeth?

After much coercion from Alina, her father let her pursue this dream. After 2 years of research, a food scientist, and lots of messes later, Alina had the perfect recipe. Zollipops was born!

These sweet and teeth friendly lollipops are made from a mix of sugar-free sweeteners including xylitol and erythritol. These sweeteners are proven to reduce dental plague and bacteria.

Zollipops are only part of Alina’s mega empire. She is CEO of Zolli Candy, a business in which produces healthy teeth candy of all kinds. In addition to Zollipops, Alina has created hard candies called Zolli drops and Zaffi Taffy, a healthy taffy that’s good for your teeth!

In 2015, Alina and her company launched the 100,000 Smiles campaign where she is dedicated to helping improve oral health for 100,000 children. By 2016, she expanded this initiative to 250,000 Smiles  and donates 10% of her profits to helping those in need. But she didn’t stop there! She continues to work tirelessly to improve oral health of individuals everywhere and in 2019, has raised her own goal and has pledged to help 2,000,000 Smiles.

This amazing CEO was the youngest person to be on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. She appeared in 2019 Success Magazine “30 under 30,” and is on InStyle Magazine’s “Badass 50 Women” list. She has been personally invited to the White House not once, but twice!

Here at Kid Everest, we are in awe at all Alina has done, and what she continues to do to help others all over the world.

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