4 Reasons to be a Kidpreneur

Being a kidpreneur is fun! You can earn your own money, become more responsible and increase your independence. Inventing new and useful things that help others solve a problem feels great! Plus, you’ll probably be the most popular kid in school once you invent a machine to do your homework for you, just saying…

Seriously though, being a kid entrepreneur is exciting! In fact, I suspect that if you are reading this, that you may already be a kid entrepreneur and want to take it to the next level. Hone those skills and get better. Great! Glad you are here!

Here are 4 reasons why you should be a kidpreneur.

  1. FREEDOM! Being a kidpreneur offers you the freedom to come and go as you please. Building your own business or invention takes time, but you can devote as much as you want when you have the time. Unlike that stuffy office job your parents go to, YOU are your own boss and YOU set your own hours. Although I don’t recommend spending a whole summer on video games, your projects are always going to be there waiting for when inspiration strikes.
  2. CASH STASH! Being a kidpreneur has some definite benefits. Building a decent cash stash is one of them. Face it, there aren’t that many jobs out there for kids, so being a kidpreneur is appealing. Being your own boss means you get to decide how you do things and make your own money. Allowance is great, but, imagine never having to ask you’re your parents for money again! Amazing, right? How absolutely perfect would it be to buy that new video game without having to beg and plead your parents? Also, parents love kids who understand “the value of money,” and can earn, save and spend THEIR OWN.
  3. HELPING! Helping others is one of the biggest (and best!) parts of becoming a kidpreneur. I mean, it’s nice to make your own money, have the luxury of being your own boss, but helping others is really a HUGE part of becoming a kidpreneur. Inventions and businesses tend to stem from a solution to a problem that people have. Thirsty neighbors? Sell lemonade. Have friends with a sweet tooth? Sell candy at school. Not every entrepreneur is solving large-scale world problems. And that’s okay! It may be your lemonade side hustle or your candy store at school that begins your thoughts about solving world hunger in the future. It’s the little steps you take that may evolve into something earth shattering. Believe me, you are destined for greatness.
  4. YOU ARE AMAZING! You are uniquely you. You have life experiences and goals completely different than the next kid. There are problems that need solving in your environment, that the next kid may never see. And that’s what makes being a kidpreneur a great choice. There are so many ideas and things you have to offer the world. We just need to pull them out of you and show the world!

You can do it! Now go get those creative juices flowing!

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