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Promoting to Local...

Ready to be famous? For the world to see your idea? Perfect! Getting local new outlets involved is a wonderful way of getting your campaign fully funded. Here are a few places you may want to check out: Local newspaper Nearest radio station Closest tv station Scared? Don’t be! Most news outlets are happy to […]

The 4-Part Business Plan

For Kidpreneurs! Having a general business idea is a great start, but if you want your Kid Everest campaign to really POP, then you need a business plan. Now business plans don’t have to sound big and boring. They are essential just a road map to help you really get where you want to go. […]

Find Your Passion

And make money too! If you are having trouble coming up with an initial business idea, don’t worry. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to come up with an idea that you can be passionate about. If you are an artist at heart, it’s probably no wonder why art class is your favorite. Same […]

Building the Kidpreneur Mindset

Learning to live the Entrepreneur Mindset can be difficult. Being a natural “go-getter” may not be you. You may be timid or shy or scared to stretch out of your comfort zone. And that’s okay! We here at Kid Everest want to help you! Your greatest achievements will always be when you step outside your […]

Finding the Kidpreneur Mindset

Becoming an entrepreneur is fun, but not easy. It takes diligence, persistence and a can do spirit. It’s definitely not a “get rich quick” scam. You will need to work at it.                 A sheer desire to become an entrepreneur is not enough. You will need to muster the courage, the motivation and the right […]