What’s an Elevator Pitch?

You know you have a great idea, but now what? How can you tell people all about your amazing idea? Knowing exactly who you are and what your business does is an essential skill. Can you explain your business in 2-3 sentences? Can you talk about why your business important and unique for just 20-30 seconds? Being able to answer these questions with a degree of certainty and understanding, is one of the hallmarks of an elevator pitch.

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is discussion you have about the vitality of your business. It’s called an elevator pitch because it is meant to be as brief as an elevator ride. Having your elevator pitch ready to go when you meet a prospective client, customer, or investor is key to your businesses continued success.

Tips for a great pitch:

  1. Be brief

Elevator pitches are quick. You don’t have much time to get your ideas across. Introduce yourself and your business. Explain what problem your business addresses and why it is unique.

  1. Be genuine

Every great business has a story. Talk about why your business was developed by sharing a personal story.

  1. Share your skills

Why are you the most qualified person for the job? Discuss your skills and experience.

  1. Be specific

Why should others care about your business? Be specific about why your goals and why everyone needs your business.

  1. Know your audience

Pitching to a customer is much different than pitching to an investor. Know your audience and adjust what you are looking accordingly.

  1. Practice

Practice makes perfect and this is no different. Once you have a pitch started, talk to your friends, family, and neighbors. Give your pitch to your cat if you need to. You can even practice in a mirror if you need to. Practice will be key to speaking eloquently when put on the spot. (This happens more than you think!)

  1. Business cards

You just spent the last few minutes explaining exactly why someone should trust and invest in you, you will want them to be able to remember you later. Ending your pitch with business cards is the perfect way to do this. These do not need to be fancy, but should include the basics; your name, your business, and a way to contact you (phone, email, address).

  1. Say thank you

If you remember anything, remember to say, “thank you.” Everyone’s time is valuable and it important that you acknowledge this by saying, “thank you” at the end of your pitch.

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