How To Raise a Kidpreneur

Raising a strong-willed determined kidpreneur can be difficult. Finding a delicate balance between work and play can pose it’s challenges. Kidpreneurs tend to be very motivated and hard working, but at the same time, they are just children. They will rely on trusted adults to offer support when things may not be going as planned or even when things are going too well. Kidpreneurs will find themselves in situations where an adult is necessary to help them navigate.

Here are some ways that you can help raise your kidpreneur.


You kidpreneur will need your support and encouragement. Try to avoid shutting them down or telling them that their dreams are not realistic. Children are inherent dreamers. And that’s not a bad thing. For many entrepreneurs, it’s these lofty goals that set them apart from the average.

Foster passions

Most kidpreneurs will start where a passion lies. If your child has an affinity toward a certain area of expertise, allow them explore this. It may spark an idea and future business venture. Allow them to gravitate toward things that they are good at or things that they really love to do. Business ideas can come from anywhere. If they need help finding their passion, go here.

Let them struggle

Okay, this is a touchy one. I don’t want you to let them struggle to the point of aggressive frustration or severe overwhelm. I want you to allow them to come up with their own solutions. Try and avoid solving problems for them. This is show them that they are capable of being independent and successful on their own.

No cheating

Don’t let your kidpreneur sneak by by making you do the dirty work. yes, being an entrepreneur is fun, but it does include tough work. Your kidpreneur needs to see all aspects of becoming an entrepreneur, even the not so fun stuff.

Be positive

It can be hard to remain positive when an idea sounds impossible or looks not well thought out. Instead, remain positive, or at the very least, neutral. Ask your kidpreneur what they think about their idea, or what they think needs to be changed. A large component of being a kidpreneur is learning how to adapt and change when things are not going as planned.

Let them make decisions

A kidpreneur will make MANY decisions on a daily basis. Several of these decisions are minuscule in terms of the big picture and can easily be made by your kidpreneur. Things like branding colors, where to promote or when can be made by them. If they ask you for advice, give it. Throughout the entrepreneurial process, let them know that it is important that you know what they WANT to do and ensure that they are asking for permission before going out into the community, talking to strangers or promoting through social media. For more help with helping your kidpreneur safe, please read this page.

Step in

Occasionally, throughout the process, you will need to step in. A kidpreneur is still a child after all and it is easy for themto be taking advantage of. You will need to be there each step of the way to encourage and support, but also to protect. Make sure you talk with your kidpreneur about personal safety and reporting to you anything that seems suspicious.

Have faith

Your kidpreneur’s efforts may seem futile at times. Sometimes they may feel disappointed or like giving up. When it appears that what they are doing is not ever going to make it, dispel those doubts. Believe in their idea even when they don’t. Help them see the value in their idea and how it can help others. They will need your support the most during these times.

Share your knowledge

Your kidpreneur cannot do it all alone. Give your input or advice when they ask your opinion. Try and avoid shutting down ideas by saying, “that won’t work,” or “I won’t do that.” Instead, ask them to EXPLAIN how something would work or talk you through their idea with you. Verbalizing their plan may shine a light on their project that they never saw before.

Value Action

As the parent of a kidpreneur, you will need to be able to distinguish just what to praise or offer support on. Raising a kidpreneur is not just praising successes, it’s valuing ACTION. Positively praise your child along the journey. As they travel through the steps, acknowledge the success of completing the step. It may or may not go as planned, and that’s okay. Place value on the fact that they took ACTION. This will be more important through their life because they will never stop trying, evaluating, and adapting.

Remember, living the entrepreneurial lifestyle is tough work. Your child will need you along the way. Offer support, guidance, and care as you help them navigate this new journey.

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