The 4-Part Business Plan

The 4-Part Business Plan

For Kidpreneurs! Having a general business idea is a great start, but if you want your Kid Everest campaign to really POP, then you need a business plan. Now business plans don’t have to sound big and boring. They are essential just a road map to help you really get where you want to go. […]

7 Ways to...

Being a kidpreneur is tough work. It takes an internal drive and stamina that can be difficult for a child to maintain. Your kidpreneur will require you to help them with their journey towards entrepreneurship. Having a growth mindset will help them endure during the hard times. It’s a frame of mind that will allow […]

How To Raise...

Raising a strong-willed determined kidpreneur can be difficult. Finding a delicate balance between work and play can pose it’s challenges. Kidpreneurs tend to be very motivated and hard working, but at the same time, they are just children. They will rely on trusted adults to offer support when things may not be going as planned […]

Find Your Passion

And make money too! If you are having trouble coming up with an initial business idea, don’t worry. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to come up with an idea that you can be passionate about. If you are an artist at heart, it’s probably no wonder why art class is your favorite. Same […]

Benefits of Being...

The idea of raising a kidpreneur can be scary. Many parents believe that they are offering a false hope to their children if they promote a entrepreneur lifestyle. They may worry that their children will idolize high school dropouts and live in a delusion that they too, can be the next Zuckerberg. This is probably […]